"If I have the honor of being elected president, we’re not just going to tinker around the edges … We’re going to lock in progress that no future president can roll back or undercut to take us backwards again.”

Joe Biden - July 14, 2020

We're here to make sure President Biden does what he promised.

Biden tracker campaign promises


President Joe Biden made 25 environmental campaign promises while running for office in 2020.

So far, he has completed 9 of those promises.

This tracker is updated to reflect every time Joe Biden follows through on his promise to “lock in progress that no future president can roll back.”

Campaign PromiseStatus
Ban new oil and gas leasing on federal lands FAILED
Revoke fossil fuel subsidies FAILED
Require 100% carbon-free energy by 2035 FAILED
Revoke authorization for Keystone XL pipeline Completed
Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil drillingFAILED
Rejoin the Paris Agreement on climate change Completed
Require EPA to set stricter methane standards on oil and gas Partially Completed
Reestablish strong fuel economy standards for cars and trucks Partially Completed
End all financing for overseas coal projects Completed
Expand tax credits for renewable energy projects Completed
Require net-zero greenhouse gas emissions for all new buildings by 2030 Not Started
Transition all school buses and public sector vehicles to zero-emission vehicles Partially Completed
Protect Amazon Rainforest through a $20 billion conservation fund Not Started
Host a climate world summit within first 100 days Completed
Establish a climate division within the Department of Justice to hold polluters accountable Completed
Create Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool to identify communities disproportionately harmed by
Conserve 30% of America’s land and waters by 2030 Started
Require any federal permitting decision to consider the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and climate
Install 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations Partially Completed
Promulgate stricter appliance and building efficiency standards Started
Expand solar and wind by 500 million solar panels and 60,000 wind turbines within 5 years Partially Completed
Issue Executive Order on environmental justice to protect frontline communities Completed
Reinstate federal flood protection standards Completed
Mandate disclosure of climate risks and greenhouse gas emissions by public companies Started
Ensure disadvantaged communities receive 40% of benefits from climate spending Started
Dial showing 17 Trump rollbacks made


To date, the Biden administration has not taken definitive action to reverse the majority of environmental rollbacks that occurred during the previous administration

We reviewed 50 of the most impactful Trump rollbacks that continue to cause significant harm to wildlife, public lands, and undermine our ability to address pollution or stem the climate crisis.

So far, the Biden administration has fully reversed only 17 Trump-era rollbacks.

CategoryTrump Attacks on EnvironmentStatus
ClimateWeakened EPA limits on methane emissions from oil and gas drilling operationsReversed by Congress
ClimateWeakened the cost-benefit analyses under Clean Air Act to make it harder to address GHG pollutionReversed by Biden
ClimateEliminated considerations of the “Social Cost of Carbon” in environmental reviewsReversed by Biden
ClimateWeakened greenhouse gas standards for cars and SUVsReversed by Biden
ClimateEnacted do-nothing greenhouse gas standards for airplanesSupporting Trump Position
ClimateCurtailed categories of industrial polluters subject to GHG regulations.Reversed by Biden
ClimateApproved continued operation of the Dakota Access PipelineSupporting Trump Position
ClimateApproved the Willow Project to drill for and gas in the Alaska Petroleum ReserveReversed by the Courts
ClimateApproved the Line 3 Pipeline in MinnesotaSupporting Trump Position
PesticidesWeakened protections for farmworkers under the Farmworker Protection StandardReversed by the Courts
PesticidesRescinded proposed ban on neurotoxic pesticide ChlorpyrifosReversed by Biden
PesticidesWeakened human health and safety standards for all pyrethroid pesticidesNot Started
PesticidesApproved use of previously-banned pesticide Aldicarb in FloridaReversed by the Courts
PesticidesExpanded the use of medical antibiotics on citrus agricultural cropsSupporting Trump Position
PesticidesIncreased legal limit for Atrazine pollution in rivers and streamsSupporting Trump Position
PesticidesWeakened protections for endangered species from all pesticidesSupporting Trump Position
PesticidesApproved continued use of Dicamba pesticide for next five yearsSupporting Trump Position
PesticidesExpanded the use of pesticides on National Wildlife Refuge landsSupporting Trump Position
PollutionWeakened safeguards for major sources of hazardous air pollutionNot Started
PollutionGutted the limits for mercury air pollution from industrial facilities and power plantsStarted
PollutionExempted factory farms from pollution-reporting requirementsNot Started
PollutionRestricted the EPA’s use of health data through the “Secret Science Rule”Reversed by Biden
PollutionDismantled protections for wetlands nationwide under the Clean Water ActReversed by Biden
PollutionIncreased speed of slaughterhouse lines in meat productionReversed by Biden
PollutionIncreased toxic discharges into lakes and rivers from power plantsStarted
PollutionCurtailed when groundwater pollution is regulated under the Clean Water ActReversed by Biden
Public LandsEliminated methane pollution limits from oil and gas operations on BLM landsStarted
Public LandsScrapped EPA efforts to prevent mining operations from becoming Superfund sitesNot Started
Public LandsDismantled Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase-Escalante National MonumentReversed by Biden
Public LandsApproved the Twin Metals mining proposal in MinnesotaStarted
Public LandsWeakened the Tongass National Forest Roadless RuleReversed by Biden
Public LandsApproved copper mine at Oak Flat sacred area on San Carlos Apache lands in ArizonaStarted
Public LandsApproved Rosemont Copper mine in Santa Rita Mountains of ArizonaSupporting Trump Position
Public LandsWeakened all regulatory safeguards under the National Environmental Policy ActStarted
Public LandsApproved a new road easement through Izembek National Wildlife RefugeSupporting Trump Position
Public LandsApproved construction of a four-lane highway through Red Cliffs National Conservation AreaNot Started
WildlifeDismantled protections for all migratory birds under the Migratory Bird Treaty ActReversed by Biden
WildlifeLifted restrictions on the import of elephant and lion hunting trophyStarted
WildlifeExpanded bear hunting in Kenai National Wildlife RefugeNot Started
WildlifeRescinded the Endangered Species Act 4(d) Protections for “Threatened” speciesNot Started
WildlifeWeakened process for listing species and designating critical habitat under the Endangered Species ActNot Started
WildlifeWeakened the interagency consultation process under the Endangered Species ActNot Started
WildlifePrevented Fish and Wildlife Service from taking enforcement actions to protect endangered speciesNot Started
WildlifeChanged regulations to allow industry and states to veto critical habitat designationsReversed by Biden
WildlifeEliminated fishing restrictions in Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument.Reversed by Biden
WildlifeReversed a ban on lead ammunition and fishing tackle on national wildlife refugesStarted
WildlifeIncreased killing of bears and wolves inside National Preserves in AlaskaStarted
WildlifeEnded federal protections for gray wolf nationwideSupporting Trump Position
WildlifeGutted habitat protections for greater sage grouse on national forest and BLM lands.Started
WildlifeDelayed protections for the monarch butterfly under the Endangered Species ActSupporting Trump Position


Species of animals have gone extinct since Jan. 20, 2021

Source: About one species vanishes every hour. This is based on the common estimates that the background extinction rate is 1 species per million per year, that extinction is now happening at 1,000 times the background rate, and that there are 8 million species on Earth.


Barrels have been produced on public lands since Jan. 20, 2021

Source: The US produces an estimated 29.35 barrels of oil per second on public land, according to data from the Department of the Interior [1].


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