September 25, 2018

LAS VEGAS — The Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund, the 501(c)(4) political arm of the Center for Biological Diversity, today announced its endorsements for the 2018 general election in Nevada. The Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund is devoted to electing county, state and federal lawmakers with unshakable environmental values, and to promoting progressive policies and laws that protect endangered species, preserve public lands and ensure all people live free from harmful pollution.

Endorsements for Federal Races in the November 6 Election

  • U.S. Senator: Jacky Rosen
  • 1st Congressional District: Dina Titus
  • 2nd Congressional District: Clint Koble
  • 3rd Congressional District: Susie Lee
  • 4th Congressional District: Steven Horsford

Endorsements for State Races in the November 6 Election

  • Assembly District 9: Steve Yeager
  • Assembly District 10: Chris Brooks
  • Assembly District 15: Howard Watts III
  • Assembly District 16: Heidi Swank
  • Assembly District 24: Sarah Peters (elected June 12)
  • Assembly District 29: Lesley Cohen
  • Assembly District 34: Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod
  • Assembly District 41: Sandra Jauregui
  • Senate District 8: Marilyn Dondero Loop
  • Senate District 9: Melanie Scheible
  • Senate District 10: Yvanna Cancela (elected June 12)
  • Senate District 13: Julia Ratti
  • Senate District 21: James Ohrenschall

Endorsements for Local Races in the November 6 Election

  • Clark County Commission District E: Tick Segerblom
  • Clark County Commission District F: Justin Jones

Endorsed Ballot Initiatives

  • Question 6: Increases the Renewable Portfolio Standard to 50% by 2030
“Nevada’s public lands and wildlife are on the line this November. We need elected officials who won’t sell them out to private interests and who will resist the Trump agenda,” said Patrick Donnelly, Nevada political director with the Center Action Fund. “The candidates we are endorsing today will stand up for our air, water, land and wildlife both in their backyards and around the country.” In addition to making today’s endorsements, the Center Action Fund is announcing a five-figure social media ad buy, targeting Assembly District 29 and Senate District 9. “Assemblywoman Lesley Cohen has a demonstrated track record as a legislator who stands up for wildlife and public lands,” said Donnelly. “Her opponent voted to strip protections from public lands and transfer them to the state when he was in the Assembly, and was a main force behind the misogynistic Senate recall effort. We need Lesley’s leadership to move forward in Nevada.” “Melanie Scheible’s background as an advocate for wildlife is exactly the sort of dedication to the environment that we need in Carson City,” said Donnelly. “We are committed to helping elect these two strong leaders to the Nevada legislature, for a better future for Nevada’s environment.”

The Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund is a national nonprofit organization that advocates for legislation and legislators that will advance a progressive environmental agenda. The Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund is the 501(c)(4)affiliate of the Center for Biological Diversity, but these organizations’ names are not interchangeable. This news release is from the Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund, not the Center for Biological Diversity.

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