From spotted owls and tiny American burying beetles to grizzly bears and wolves, the Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund fights for all species that are in the crosshairs of special interests and the politicians that do their bidding.

We hold these politicians accountable when they attempt to undermine critical protections for imperiled wildlife, plants and their remaining habitats. We seek to strengthen all U.S. laws to protect wildlife, whether endangered or not, and to end cruel, barbaric or outdated notions about how to manage wildlife.

America’s plants and animals face unprecedented threats, including unsustainable human population growth, habitat loss, the expansion of fossil fuels, global warming and urban sprawl. Our wildlife cannot also suffer from continued anti-wildlife politicians who will do anything to appease their special interest funders by relentlessly attacking the Endangered Species Act and other laws protecting wildlife.


Every day our land, water and air are exposed to toxic chemicals, pesticides and other pollutants. Sadly, the Environmental Protection Agency under the Trump administration is willingly asleep at the wheel, and politicians have decided that weakening the EPA is far more important than protecting people and the environment from pollution.

The Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund works to strengthen the Environmental Protection Agency and our core pollution control laws including the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and the Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act.

We will fight any politician that seeks to weaken the EPA and our core environmental laws and to develop new policy solutions to help clean our land, water and air.

Public Lands

Often called “America’s best idea,” the protection of national parks and other public lands and ocean reserves has been emulated around the world. Today, every American co-owns more than 600 million acres of the public lands and 4.5 million square miles of ocean, held in trust for us and for future generations.

These public lands and waters provide habitat for countless animals and plants. They also provide ordinary people with opportunities for recreation, sources of clean water for millions, and protection for some of our country’s most important cultural and historical sites. An overwhelming majority of Americans across the political spectrum support our public lands.

Unfortunately, these cherished places are under attack like never before, especially by those seeking to exploit them for profit. The Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund defends all our public lands and ocean waters from attacks by special interests and the politicians who cynically would sell them out just to help industry make a quick buck.

Citizen Participation

One of Congress’s greatest innovations to strengthen our environment was to empower ordinary citizens to participate in the government’s decisions relating to the environment and to allow citizens the right to go to court to stop polluters from doing harm.

The National Environmental Policy Act has allowed individuals and communities across the country to have a voice in government decisions that could cause environmental harm in where they live. This bedrock law has been emulated around the world and in most U.S. states, yet it is under nearly endless attack today by special interests and politicians.

Meanwhile, big business has waged war against the ability to individual people to bring suits against those who violate environmental laws. The Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund seeks to strengthen the National Environmental Policy Act and to increase the ability of ordinary people to take action in court to protect our environment.

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